Rare Digital Assets

MetaButts is a generative NFT art project designed by digital graffiti artist REKTUM. The collection consists of 1000 one-of-a-kind 3D rendered butts made from over 500 assets. MetaButts serves to dismantle hate and negativity by reminding people not to take things too seriously and aims to foster a passionate community built off of fun and creativity.

Behind the Butt

Los Angeles-based REKTUM has been honing his craft in physical and digital art for nearly two decades, dating back to his first pirated copy of Photoshop which he picked up in middle school. Operating under the screen name Rectum92, he created artwork for friends on IRC chat rooms and messageboards. His knack for art and tech led him to developing animations and games that were celebrated on websites like Newgrounds and Ebaum’s World.

After a brief stint studying computer science, REKTUM dropped out of college to pursue his passion for art. With a proclivity for graphic design and vocation in prank-driven street art, REKTUM set out to create a series of graffiti pieces that quickly received viral attention. Inspired by various online communities and the growing culture of meme art, REKTUM pivoted to the next paradigm of artistic defacement: digital graffiti.

Recognized for his distinct style and humor as an internet vandal, REKTUM’s work seeks to juxtapose sophistication with simplicity, using intricate tools and workflows to create elaborate images with inane subject matters. Simple and cute characters are met with hyper-realistic textures utilizing cutting-edge rendering techniques. His meticulous approach and attention to detail is offset by his ironic, low-brow sense of humor.

Buttheads by REKTUM
Spray Paint on Viynl

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